Laura was born in Leipzig and learned how to play the piano since she was a little girl. Later on she changed genres from classic to jazz and pop music which is when she won first prize at the "Jugend jazzt 2003" competition of her state, together with her band "Quartett improvisio", in which she was also lead singer and accompanied herself on the piano. Beforehand she had started to take singing and dancing lessons, taught herself how to play the guitar and wrote her first songs in English and German. After she finished Highschool as top student of her grade, she moved to Berlin to study Political Science and German Philology, learning Mandarin Chinese, French and Italien on the side and receiving a Scholarship by the German National Academic Foundation for her achievements.

Ever since then, Laura has contributed as singer and songwriter to commercials as the cinematic MAN spot with Oliver Kahn, as well as to the repertoire of the electro label Ultra Music and has published two children song CD's with Verlag an der Ruhr in 2009 and 2012. Furthermore she contributed a voice reel to the opening of the runway show, the climax of the famous German VIP party Lambertz Monday Night in 2015.

As a live singer, she performs with her band Max Express at fairs such as EXPO REAL 2015 in München, EURONICS 2012, 2014 and 2015 in Leipzig as well as the Leipzig Book Fair in 2013. But she also invests into her original songs, with which she was invited to the Magdeburger Songtage Festival in 2014 or won third prize at the International Singers  Competition of 2012 in Finsterwalde.


Laura loves to support her fellow artists which is why she performs as a dancer in several music videos, such as Susann Großmann's "Kartenhaus". Her greatest wish would be, that this sort of songwriter community grows stronger by the day to take over the world with their songs - always fighting on the good side of the force, of course!

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Watch her ONE WOMAN SHOW "The Wallflower Cabaret"

with which she toured through Scotland in 2011


Still she was unsure about whether she had found the right profession yet, for she longed to find something where she could make use of all the things interesting her, which is why she decided to turn to her long love music and arts once again. In 2008 she was one of the lucky candidates to be accepted into the Viennese Conservatoire, where she studied Singing, Dancing and Acting. When she applied for ERASMUS at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgowtwo years later, the jury was so fond of Laura that they offered her a spot in their Masters Programme for Musical Theatre Performance instead. Laura gladly accepted and finished her Masters in 2011 with merit and will be forever thankful for all the different combinations of diverse performing arts she has gotten acquainted to in Scotland.

As one of the funnest projects, Laura has ever taken part in, she is currently touring with 1 LIVE and the WDR media group. As actress, singer, dancer, bass, piano, guitar and flute player of the POP MIT TONY MONO Tour, Laura is not only playing all the instruments she has ever learned, but is also embodying different Characters like Adele, Helene Fischer, Bushido's gangsta rap sister Mushida and many others. Over the course of the next two years you can see her alongside Tony Mono and Lino Beatbox all over the place in Western Germany, like the Savoy in Düsseldorf or the Gloria Theatre in Cologne.

Laura wants to contribute even more to that crazy dynamic songwriter scene. Therefor she established a show in Leipzig, named after that famous proverb linked to her name: Bei Hempels aufm Sofa. Once every season Laura invites three of her colleagues to share their stories, songs and to swop at least one song with one of those fellow artists. This is how a very personal evening with some of the finest singer/songwriters looks like.

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